TeamWeaver The 10 Greatest Teams in the Bible 
by Curtis Mosley
Also available: TeamWeaver Workbook: a great tool for group discussion.

TeamWeaver explains what the Bible has to say about team building.
Because of its modular format, begin with any chapter:  Gideon and His Shock Troops,
King Solomon and His Bride, or Esther and Mordecai. 
Whatever your situation, TeamWeaver has a story for you.


Belhaven University Business School, with campuses in four states, has included
TeamWeaver in its "required reading."
Dr. Chip Mason, Dean of the Business School:
"an insightful text providing a solid foundation and wonderful inspiration
for achieving our academic goals through teamwork."

Drew Crandall, President of Northeast Christians at Work:
"TeamWeaver opened my eyes to teams in the Bible that had been off my radar screen.  I appreciate all of the Scripture references and the short, concise chapters.  TeamWeaver provides many nuggets of wisdom that, by God's grace, will help me to be a more Godly leader and to bear more eternal fruit through Him."

Pat Williams, noted author and Senior Vice President of the Orlando Magic:   "TeamWeaver is innovative and thought-provoking.  The principles, techniques, and characteristics explored in each team are valid for your church, work, family, or sports team. The golden treasures in Curtis' book, mined from both the Old and New Testaments, will transform your team into the champion of your dreams."
"The TeamWeaver Group Workbook is a superb mechanism. It is the master key to unlock the undiscovered genius of your team members. As "iron sharpens iron" (Pr 27:17), your team members will uncover buried treasures of character and insight within themselves and others. These fun and lively sessions will challenge participants to pursue team goals with vision and passion."

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Archie Dunham, former Chairman of ConocoPhillips, recommends RainCatcher as an:
"easy to read and timely primer."

Patrick Klingaman, author of Thank God It's Monday:
"motivating and inspirational work
that brings God's wisdom to the marketplace."

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The Nitty Gritty of Teaching Adult Sunday School and Bible Study.

Dr. Max Sturdivant, Dean of Faculty Development at Trinity College of the Bible calls Nitty Gritty:
"a fine resource for Christian leaders and teachers."

Randy Beckham, Evangelist to Latin America, Calvary International, says Nitty Gritty
"is full of nuggets of wisdom for teachers at all levels."

John Chasteen, columnist and author of "Digging Deeper into God's Word," call Nitty Gritty,
"a clear, concise, easy to follow instruction manual for effective teaching.  It comes across as an easy read, yet challenges teachers to be their best and excel.  It is a must for all teachers."

George Marshall, served on the Board of Elders, Victory Christian Church and Sunday School teacher of 30 years.
Curtis Mosley's newest book, Nitty Gritty, is a dynamic prerequisite for anyone who is called to teach God's powerful Word.  Scripturally based, this "Teachers' Manual" is not a one time read, but is best used as a handy continual reference to inspire, motivate, and instruct the instructor.  Loaded with many proven ideas, illustration, tools, and practical keys, this manual will maximize the effectiveness of anyone gifted to teach the Word.  Written in a clear, concise, hands-on syle, Nitty Gritty is an anointed teaching manual for teachers authored by an anointed teacher.  Without reservation, I highly recommend this book.

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